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Amy Stein's Domesticated is a fantastic photographic series of diorama set pieces that explores the often uncomfortable relationship between humans and animals, the wild and the environments created by humans. Each photograph is “constructed based on real stories from local newspapers and oral histories of intentional and random interactions between humans and animals.

Storm via

Eric Valli is a legendary travel photographer and his work in some of the world’s most remote corners is incredible. But I also enjoy this shoot for Vuitton luggage. Believable it isn’t, but it’s visually impressive and inspiring none the less.

Emma Le Doyen
Mountain Higher: Europe’s Extreme Undiscovered and Unforgettable Cycle Climbs

'The absence of water' series by Gigi Cifali

A study of derelict lidos and baths in England

Beautifully crafted wearable maps by Elisabeth Lecourt. via WO AND WÉ